My Week in PR

I read a lot of blogs (too many sometimes). Some PR articles are really, really good though. Here is my list for the week:

  • What led you to PR or Journalism: Jeremy Porter asks professionals to reminisce about what made them choose Journalism or Public Relations. I sincerely feel a bond with him when it comes to his love of writing and a world with less math. :) To answer his question, in my case the profession kind of chose me before I fell in love with it.
  • An article that goes straight to my heart, since I have an obsession with “PR is not marketing”: Public Relations isn’t part of marketing. An excellent explanation from a CIPR council member whom I’m just happy to quote: “Public relations therefore has a dual role with social media. Firstly to use it effectively itself. Second, to coordinate and lead its use by others. In most companies and organisations public relations has a unique 360 degree perspective because reputational issues can arise from anywhere. That makes PR uniquely placed to lead on something that also has a 360 degree impact on the company or organisation. The danger is that there are disciplines out there, such as marketing and advertising, who might want to ‘own it’ and those disciplines are far more narrowly focused so while capable of doing brilliant work won’t necessarily sufficiently get the wider implications. That’s what we need to guard against.”
  • Arik Hanson’s twist of the Super Bowl Dodge ad (So, God made a PR Pro) is funny and witty. Hopefully, it is also satisfactory for all the PR Professionals out there. :) “I need someone who can sit in a meeting with a room full of senior-level executives and stand toe-to-toe with the CEO and tell him he needs to take a risk in the first quarter with a new campaign based on her recommendations, then turn around and sympathize with her team and figure out how they’re going to get the whole plan done in just 12 days.” – by far my favorite quote. Hell, the whole article is.

I’ll make sure to keep you posted about some other great articles. Until next time, remember that sharing is caring! :)


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