My week in PR

Hello, guys!

Hope you are all OK, having good PR fun, like I “instructed” you to. It’s time for another quick weekly digest on our blog. It’s about… numbers. I hope you’ll find my suggestions useful enough to apply and share.

  • 3 reasons for which your PR pitch might not work. On a new, nicely-named blog I’ve discovered: PR Couture. One useful advice from the post? Don’t go for “out of touch’ stuff.
  • I watch TV shows quite a bit, mainly gory CSI-esque, lovable serial killers type. :) But from a PR perspective, I find Scandal to be one of the best shows of the last two years. The main character is what they call a “fixer” and what I call “a great crisis communication specialist”. Here are some 6 PR lessons from the show that might turn you into a rock star professional. Jump in, listen to your gut, never stop learning are some of them. Apply them and watch the show. Even as a case study, I assure you it’s worth it.
  • One important part of PR is to write well, be it articles or even e-mails, and the only way to get better at it is to keep writing, until you find your own words and style. If you are an aspiring writer or just a PR pro looking to improve, here are 7 tips for you. They might come in handy at one point.

Well, enough numbers for one day. See you all on Monday! :)


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