My week in PR

Hello, all! It’s time for another week in PR. (Man, the days go so fast…)

I’ll be brief and get right to some of my favourite things:

  • Romance. And the 5 ways social media is like it. I admit I had a relationship with Facebook, but lately we’re sort of living separately. I’ve also started to see LinkedIn a few times a week. This relationship is much more fulfilling. :P
  • Reading. And some books every one of us should read as a PR professional. Confessions of a Public Speaker and my fear of speaking before an audience have made plans for this weekend.
  • Smart people and good advice. And LinkedIn Influencers (which I totally recommend). Work hard, get lucky, by Jordy Leiser, Co-founder at STELLAService. Serendipity comes when you pour your heart into anything you do, including work. Including PR. Which is too bad, because I was planning on winning the lottery.

That’s it for tonight. See you Monday. (Yeah, I know, again. Again?! :P)


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