My week in PR

The everlasting debate of Old School versus New School PR persists as social media influences all aspects of PR. Hollie Geitner emphasizes that old school or new school, PR it´s all about relationships.

Whether we talk about PR before social media or after, we have to admit that the PR agency as we knew it is changing, it´s adapting and we are heading towards the PR firm of the Future.

No matter what the future brings us, we have to look for the brightest ideas in the darkest places. Having mid-level bloggers on our side can do wonders for our client´s brand.

Storytelling is the masterpiece of PR, so using it in social media is a must: How to use storytelling on Twitter.

Speaking of creativity, have you ever thought that the annoying message 404 error (occurs when the website you’re trying to load isn’t recognized), can be cleverly used? Here are some ideas.

Have a great weekend!


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Corina Manea is a PR professional, social media strategist and freelance writer in Madrid, Spain. Co-founder of NutsPR, she writes about her passions: public relations and social media.