My week in PR

Let´s talk about brands and branding.

Social media is here to stay. You know it, I know it, but do brands know it? And if so, what are they doing about it? Brands need to start thinking, acting and operating like a media company. Better yet, they have to be ready to hire a PR Firm.

Brand Advocacy is key to amplification of Marketing Campaigns and Building a Passion Brand, studies say.

Branding, social media, campaigns, etc. But is less really more?

And how do you stay engaged in Social Media? You need rules!

And maybe, just maybe it´s time for social media to grow up!

That´s it for this week folks. Don´t forget keep branding and stay engaged!


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About Corina Manea

Corina Manea is a PR professional and freelance writer in Madrid, Spain. Passionate about PR and social media she is also a contributor for, covering communications and PR news from Spain.

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