Cool News Feed?!

So, today I accepted Facebook’s offer to switch to the new News Feed.

First impressions? Some.

1. Looks a lot like Google+. Like its uglier sister?

Facebook News Feed - New Look
Facebook News Feed – New Look

2. Now Timeline needs to change again too, ’cause there’s a mismatch (at least somewhere in my mind).

3. Checking my News Feed meant reading a lot of my friends’ statuses (some of them are very good writers), now I feel like pictures everywhere invaded me. The moment I see three lovely kittens at the same time on my desktop, I’ll quit.

Google+ Feed
Google+ Feed

4. While this type of layout may look good on mobile, I also use Facebook on PC (I know, I know I’m not “in target”). It will take a while to get used to having sponsored stories so close to my right eye, while my left one tries to figure out which icon is which…

Curious to know what you all think. I for one have been considering lately moving all my professional “breadcrumbs” off Facebook and away to Google+ and keeping the former for social stuff only.


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