My week in PR

Fact: This week’s PR digest isn’t (necessarily) about links. Or about online stuff. It’s about something you get to hold in your hand, look at, feel, take with you in public. Books.

Keeping it brief, here is a list of some PR books I liked over time.

  1. Cutlip et. al’s Effective Public Relations. Bible for many professionals, “greatest hits” reloaded (when a book is reedited 11 times, it sort of means something). Easy to read and understand. I would recommend it to students and to some professors I know who need to reedit their own books…
  2. L’Etang’s Public Relations: Concepts, Practice and Critique. A book “with an agenda”. I for one liked it a lot, especially for the “critique” part. I return to it from time to time, just to check stuff.
  3. Deirdre Breakenridge‘s Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional. If the title isn’t self explanatory, let’s say it’s about transformation of our roles and our future. I particularly like Ms. Breakenridge, as you might have noticed…

Since I’m that type of person who has 5 books lying somewhere at some point in time (not a reason for pride, let me tell you…)  and 4 seems a good number, I’ll just add one of Corina’s favorites on the list and call it a night. For Immediate Release, by Ronn Torossian. Haven’t read it, but I hear for very reliable sources that it’s very good.

For more suggestions, check PR Daily. Or Business Insider.

Happy reading and, if you liked other books, I’d like to move from 5 to 6. :) So please do share!


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