The uncool question of the day

I have a colleague who tells me from time to time that he is against e-books. That he will never use a Kindle, or touch a book other than a printed one.

I keep telling him progress happens even when we fight it.

So the cool (or totally uncool) question of the day is: will the print die one day? I guess it will. And I am not talking about tomorrow, but certainly I’m talking about the next ten years…

And if you’re wondering about the relevance for this blog or PR… Well, look at it this way: in ten years from now, magazines and newspapers will be all digital. Content will be shared exclusively online. Paper will be less used and some trees will be saved.

PR people will need to develop more digital skills than ever. Some PR concepts will need to evolve, others will be completely left behind.

If you wonder what triggered this, blame Seth Godin, please. :)

“None of these changes, by themselves, are enough to kill a venerable information delivery and cultural touchstone like the book. But all of them together? I’m writing this on a train filled with educated, upper income suburban commuters of all genders and ethnicities (book buyers, until recently). I can see 40 people at a glance, and 34 are using electronic devices, two are asleep and exactly one person is reading a traditional book.”

Full article here.


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