My week in PR

In this week´s digest we talk about what brands do or do not in their quest for our attention.

Let´s start with Starbucks. We´ve talked about Starbucks and what the brand does well in another post on this blog. Well, this time Starbucks continues to be news, as it might use Fourquare check-in data to choose its new best location.

Shift Communications experiments Promoted Tweets and proves how they reduce the advertising costs. Quite interesting. Have you tried Promoted Tweets?

While some brands do it well, the most of them have a poor content marketing. Why? Joe Pulizzi knows why. Do you agree with him?

The same content marketing applies when preparing for public speaking. Gini Dietrich shares Six Tips for Better Public Speaking.

I close this digest with 10 things why we are nuts (at least I am) about PR.

Until next time, stay happy.

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About Corina Manea

Corina Manea is a PR professional, social media strategist and freelance writer in Madrid, Spain. Co-founder of NutsPR, she writes about her passions: public relations and social media.