My week in PR

The Autumn is here, though the warm weather might make you think otherwise :). We start a new season in business and especially in PR. New season requires new PR strategies. Mihaela Lica Butler gives us a hint on How to craft PR strategies for fall.

PR and Media go hand in hand since…forever, so why should it be different with social media on board?! PR still needs media! And if you are a startup, please Identify your target message and your Reporter.

As a brand, your message is important, but what you really need is a “content mindset” and a “call to action” content. Gini Dietrich gives us a hint.

Let´s close this week´s digest on Spanish ground: Dircom – the leading professional association for communication directors in Spain, launched a new job Portal. Which means it will be easier for Spanish communication professionals to find opportunities in PR.


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About Corina Manea

Corina Manea is a PR professional and freelance writer in Madrid, Spain. Passionate about PR and social media she is also a contributor for, covering communications and PR news from Spain.

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