Happy Birthday Nuts About PR!

Courtesy of Mihai Petre

Wow, it´s been a year already! Boy the time really flies. A year ago came to life www.nutspr.com, a blog born from the passion Carmen and I share for PR and communications.

First shyly, then more and more confident, we caught your attention, and we hope to keep it for a very long time :) .

It´s been an interesting year with many struggles, but also with many projects, ideas and hopes. We learnt a lot and experienced even more, but in the end this is PR, right?! You never stop learning.

So, as a birthday present for you from Nuts About PR girls, we thought you´d like to have altogether the most popular posts of the last year.

Here goes our Top 10 Most Popular posts:

10. Don´t forget that PR is fun: Putting the fun back in PR.

9. Do you have what it takes to work in PR? We asked the pros for you.

8. But wait! Before considering a career in PR, ask yourself these 5 questions.

7. Now you´re in PR. Do a little PR for yourself also!

6. When crisis strikes, be prepared! Check our quick guide for surviving crisis communication.

5. What is the content marketing?  You came to the right place, we have the answers for you.

4.  Sometimes even a PR pro needs help. Here are 7 little helpers for PR pros.

3. How does a day in the life of a PR pro look like? We asked them for you: Mrs. Rachel Miller, MCIPR and Mr. Kirk Hazlett - APR Fellow PRSA (no.2).

1. Rock and Roll Branding or what a rock band can teach us about branding?

We hope you enjoy it. Thank you guys for reading us. Stay close! We have a whole year ahead of us.

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About Corina Manea

Corina Manea is a PR professional and freelance writer in Madrid, Spain. Passionate about PR and social media she is also a contributor for www.everything-pr.com, covering communications and PR news from Spain.

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