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When I first heard about “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Builds Brands and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations”, I thought: another book on the same topic with a different title, nothing new there. And I moved on. But somehow I kept bumping into articles about the book and the author without even looking for it. Thumbs up for the author! The best example on practice what you preach.

Anyway it started to bug me the fact that the book kept coming into “my way”, so I started reading about it, about the author, I started reading about Ronn Torossian´s PR firm: 5WPR. In no time, I understood I just had to read the book.

And I did, on my iPad, of course. As much as I like the feel of a “real” book in my hands, I have to say; with Kindle for iPad I tripled my reading. I like the fact that I can choose the book to read depending on my mood, on how tired or how excited I am, on my way to/from the office. But this is another topic for another story :) .

Back to “For Immediate Release”. I have to say this is the kind of book once you start reading it, you simply cannot stop till the end. It´s engaging, it´s game changing, it´s practical and bold at the same time. I like the way the author presents sophisticated, complicated ideas in a simple, understandable way.

The book begins with a typical day for a PR pro… at dawn. After working the night before for a big client, the phone starts buzzing at…6 a.m with a crisis, of course.

Ronn Torossian is a great storyteller and an excellent PR pro. Reading his book, without knowing him or anything about his firm, you understand why he is so successful: he is passionate, he is bold and he is determined.

From the first page you feel his passion for this profession, you see yourself there in the car taking him and his client to the IPO media tour, you can feel the tension when the crisis strikes or the joy when the client succeeds.

You get to know him when he talks about his humble beginnings, how he got off the ground his 5WPR firm in a tiny office – “a shack on the top of the building”, as he called it.

But the book is more that an autobiography, it´s a lesson on how PR can literally shape minds, build brands and capture new customers. It has life lessons which can be applied to everyday life, it has tips for PR pros at any level in their career. What I most liked about it, is that it can be read and understood by any business owner. It explains the role of PR in getting the word out about the business, it shows with real life examples what PR can do for a business.

If you don´t have time to read the book (though you should make time), go to the final chapter “In conclusion: Rules for PR Success” and read some of the most valuable PR lessons to learn.

I could talk about the book for a whole day and not get bored, but I would like for you to read it and tell me what you think.

Before I go, I leave you some of the quotes that got my attention:

“Under-promise and over-deliver: consistently exceeding expectations build loyalty and great word of mouth PR.”

“You wouldn´t do accounting by your own, nor you would represent yourself in the legal system. What makes you think you can do PR by yourself?”

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