My Experience as a Spin Sucks Brand Ambassador

A few months ago I had the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for the launch of Gini Dietrich´s latest book: Spin Sucks.
If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I am a member and a constant reader of Spin Sucks (the blog) community and I share quite often their posts.

If you don´t know the blog, check it out. It´s a great source of daily learning and inspiration. And if you are in PR, Spin Sucks is a must read!

For the new book and based on previous experience, Gini Dietrich put in place a brand ambassador program which had as a purpose promoting the book to boost sales and help meet the big goal: to get into the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Image courtesy of Spin Sucks

She & her team set up an application form and spread the word through social channels. The brand ambassadors responsibilities and benefits were pretty clear stated (you can see them here). So, who got into the program had a pretty good idea what it was expected from them: write a short, honest review on Amazon, write a blog post (here´s mine :) ), spread the word on your own social networks and buy the book during the Crush it week.
The benefits were also great (in my humble opinion): an electronic copy of the book in advance, access to a private Facebook group, a webinar during the Crush it week, Spin Sucks schwag, etc. Continue reading

5 Things To Do when Joining a New Team

They say that working with people is one of the most difficult thing to do and, you know what, it´s true! Everyone is different, special and with a mind of its own. But that´s the beauty of all. Getting to know people around you, your colleagues, learning how each of them works or likes to do things are the first steps to a successful professional relationship.

Image by Mihai Petre
Image by Mihai Petre

For more than 10 years of coordinating teams, from project teams for PR activities back in Romania to a customer service office today in Spain, I´ve learned a lot and still do with every single day.

I want to share with you some of the things you can do when joining a new team to help you have a great relationship with your colleagues and boss: Continue reading

A PR Pro in the “Battle” Field

Last week, while on holiday, I thought I could try something new, something I had never done before, something like…gardening. I went camping once when I was a teenager and I said I will never do it ever again. Me without current water and with so many bugs around, it´s a deal breaker. Yeah, you got it, I am a city girl. :)

For this summer holiday though, I said I would try things I´ve never done before and see how it turns out. So, I got up early (7:30 AM!!!) and went with my mother to a gardening job she does from time to time. I was the assistant! :) I have to say the job involved water, lots of it. Now you see why I was eager to do it! ;)

Long story short, I learned to water the fruit trees, to cut the grass and the lavender hedge. I even made a new friend (the kitty in the picture).photo After a three-hour first gardening lesson, I have to say I have a lot of admiration for the people who love doing this (aka my mom). Man, it was hard! I am not whining, but look at it this way: we had a sunny day with 34 ºC (28 ºC in the morning). When you cut the grass, all the bugs which live there, come to get you. Yeah, you read correctly, they attack you. When you water the trees and the plants, you get muddy! Fun, huh?!

Why am I writing this on a PR blog? What has one got to do with the other? Quite a lot. In PR, just like in life, to be a better professional, you have to stretch your limits, you have to learn new and different things every day, you have to be opened to challenge even if it´s not comfortable. You don´t know how you´re going to handle something (a communication crisis, a difficult client, a change of your well prepared plan, etc) until you do it.

You think it´s comfortable, cutting the grass while “under attack”? Think again! But I didn´t give up, I finished the job and was pretty darn proud of my work. Hey, I even received a reward: a small bucket with fresh fruits.