Spin Sucks – THE BOOK


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This week, Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communications firm, launched her second book on digital marketing and communications: “Spin Sucks – Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age”. This is a book meant to be New York Times Bestseller! Yes, it´s that good! But, let´s start with the beginning:

I’ve “met” Gini, online, a year and 4 months now. From the beginning I liked her direct, yet honest way to write, speak and communicate. I became an avid reader of her blog Spin Sucks in no time.

Ever since, I don’t let a day pass without checking it, sometimes I comment on blog posts and share them. Why? Because it has practical advice, tips and tricks and information that any PR pro, marketer or business owner can use on a daily basis. You really have a lot to learn from Spin Suck, the blog. But hey, don’t believe me, check it yourself!

So, when I heard Gini was going to publish her second book named just like the blog Spin Sucks!, I said to myself I could not miss the opportunity, it had to be good. And boy was I right.

I was fortunate to be chosen as a brand ambassador for the book launch and received a galley to read and review with the specifics that, as brand ambassadors, we had to be sincere, we had to say “the good, the bad, the ugly”.

You might say it’s another book on PR blah blah, same as thousands on the market. And that´s where you’d be mistaken.

Spin Sucks, the book, is THE best book on PR and digital marketing I read to this day, and I read a lot!

It has case studies and examples of how brands did it right or wrong, it has practical advice on how to tell your story online using paid, earned, shared and owned media (and explains what that is too!).

This is a book you need to have with you 24/7 whether you work in PR for a while, you’re starting your career or are a business owner looking to understand how PR can help your business thrive.

Though it´s a straight to the point book, it also has a story that grabs your attention from the first page with “sex sells” till the very last where you have a pick on what´s the future of communications, where we are heading.

There are many reasons why you should read this book, but the most important is that you will learn and learn a lot! You will learn how to tell your story in this digital age, you will learn how to detect scammers and liars and media manipulation, how to understand and treat your customers and audience, how to spot an issue and deal with it before it becomes a crisis or how to repair your reputation online.

An important aspect of the book is, for me, the way Gini explains how to understand your customers and what they think about you. In a world so full of noise, full of “me me me” messages, we don´t take the time to stop and think about the person at the other end of the line. What does she/he want/need/love to receive from us? Gini explains how you can do that and shows that you don´t have to lie or use dirty tactics to get your customer´s attention. You have to be honest, really care about your audience and act smart, like the professional/business owner you are.

I could talk about this topic and Spin Sucks (the book) for days as it is a subject very close to my heart, but the point to all of this is that if you care about your business (whether a corporation or start-up), if you care about your client as a PR pro or if you care about your career, you will want to have this book at hand.

You can order the book on Amazon and if you do that by April 5th and email Gini (gdietrich@armentdietrich.com) a copy of the receipt, you will receive a $200 worth free content!

There is also a Facebook contest going on, where you can have fun and be rewarded with giveaways.

Ever heard of a book launch to be so much fun? Me neither.

So, what are you waiting for?

P.S: My copy is on the way. I can´t wait to have it in my hands. It will be the first real book (not electronic) I have in a couple of years :).

Valentina Unguroiu, ACIM: A Day in the life of a PR Pro


Poza ValiI´ve met Valentina many years ago (Gosh I am old :) ) while we both were working in the corporate world. We did few wonderful projects together, then became colleagues in the PR & Communications Department of a bank. We clicked from the first moment we met. It was a natural connection, transformed later in genuine friendship.

I´ve always admired Valentina for her determination, perseverance and passion for communications and PR. No matter the challenge she was always on top of things, and did not stop until everything was perfect. Her career in the communications world stands as proof.

Today, I have the pleasure to introduce to you, my dear friend and outstanding PR pro: Valentina Unguroiu, ACIM (Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing).

So, Vali:

1. What is your job title?

I recently started my career in the European Parliament (EP), the Information Office in Romania, where I currently work as Information and Communication Assistant.

2. What does your job entail?

Each day spent as a member of the wonderful team representing the EP in Romania gets me closer to sharing the European values and ideas to the general public in Romania…by carrying out and promoting our projects and competitions, mainly addressed to youth, organizing various types of events all over the country, with the final aim of introducing people to the EP’s role and activities.

3. How do you start your day?

For me every working day actually starts the previous day :) . What I mean is that over the past few years I got used to leaving the office only after making an outline of the following day. It’s not anything sophisticated, just a simple to-do-list, which can serve me as a quick starting point or even as an effective prioritizing tool.

I believe the way we start the day can determine how productive and inspired we are for the rest of the day, so I prefer to get down to business quite quickly. I do this by revisiting the priorities list in light of any news or messages I received overnight and then – let the party begin :) !

4. What are your sources of news and how often do you check them?

Nowadays, you can virtually spend the whole day just by staying connected to all the constantly updated sources of news from all over the world! I think it’s essential to be disciplined about this. So I set up a few moments a day when I monitor the social media platforms, as well as the main online news websites. But I always start with our internal press review, which gives me a relevant overview of the most important topics we are following on.

5. What do you like best about your job?

More often than not, my job feels like that box of chocolates that never ceases to surprise you, whenever you open it and try something new. And I love chocolate, in all its shapes and flavors :) .

6. Why PR and communication?

In my case I could say that this wonderful world of PR and communication chose me J having started and developed my career with the support of some great people. Initially, my work was focused on internal communication and events, further evolving to media relations, corporate communication, advertising, marketing and institutional communication. And I guess it was even before starting my career that I took my first step into this world, while I was organizing events for a students’ association and doing what back then I didn’t know it was called internal communication. Seeing the tremendous and positive impact those actions had on the organization members made me decide I wanted to continue down this path and the rest is history :) .

Want to know more about Valentina, connect with her on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Edelman presents 2014 Trust Barometer in Spain


Last week, Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, presented in Madrid their annual Trust Barometer, gathering more tan 350 professionals at Caixaforum, event held within the 3rd edition of the Branding Observatory.

Launched in 2001, Trust Barometer is Edelman´s anual exploration of trust. For the 14th edition, Edelman surveyed 33,000 people in 27 markets around the world on their trust in institutions, credible sources/channels and specific issues and perceptions impacting trust in business and government.

“We believe that trust is an asset that enterprises must understand and properly manage in order to be successful in today’s complex operating environment. Unlike reputation, which is based on an aggregate of past experiences with a company or brand, trust is a forward facing metric of stakeholder expectation.”source: Edelman.com.

Ben Boyd, Deputy Chairman, Practices & Sectors and Global Chair for Corporate Practice, presented in Madrid, the results of the 2014 Trust Barometer.


Photo courtesy of www.mihaipetre.com

The findings are that, globally, the gap in trust between government and business is larger than ever. Governments lost more than 50% of people´s trust in the 27th countries surveyed. Read the rest of this entry