Answers for Modern Communicators

Working in PR is challenging. You have to put out fires every day, you have to bring in new clients, while keeping up with what’s happening in the industry. Not to add continuously learning.

Maybe challenging is not the right word. I’ll have to think of another one, more appropriate.

When I was in college, taking PR and communications classes, I could not wait to finish school and go out into the world and practice what I learned. I felt like I was wasting time in school, and there was so much to be done.

Imagine my surprise when I did go out into the world and realized what I learned in my communications classes had nothing to do with real life.

I could not apply one thing. Everything I learned was obsolete, outdated.

What a “nice” way to start your career, isn’t it?

By the way, that was way before the internet ruled our lives. You know, those times when we used cord phone ☎️ and and fax.📠

I still remember how baffled I was. I could not understand how it was possible to spend so many years in school, only to find out I had to start from scratch, knowledge-wise when I joined the work force.

All those communications books I read and studied for my exams did not help me in my day job.

My professors weren’t around to walk me through or “hold my hand.”

There wasn’t a guide I could read to know how and where to start. There wasn’t a book I could go to when I dealt with a particular situation.

I had to learn everything step by step.

But that was then. Now we have the internet and social media and countless resources.

I would say, these days we have the opposite problem, too much information. Now you don’t know what to choose.

And here is where Answers for Modern Communicators comes in.

Answers for Modern Communicators – The Book You’ve Been Waiting For 

If you ever thought, “I wish there were a book I could go to to find answers to my questions, from the most basic to the complex ones,” well that book is here and it’s called “Answers for Modern Communicators.”

Written by Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO of Pure Performance Communications, this book is the guide you need to navigate the world of PR and communications.

You will not only find practical answers that will help you navigate your career in PR, Deirdre also presents the rationale for asking those questions.

Think of your day-to-day work and the questions you have as you go through your day.

What if there was a place you could go to find the answers?

That place is this fantastic book, Answers for Modern Communicators.

But Answers for Modern Communicators is more than a Q&A book. It’s the guide you need to navigate your career, to grow as a PR professional, while helping your clients and company more effectively.

Deirdre not only answers the most pressing questions we all face throughout our careers, but also brought together some of the smartest PR pros in the world to address specific questions.

This is not a book you read once and then place it nicely on a shelf. This book is the manual you need day in, day out.

You should keep it on your desk at work, in your bag when you commute. Everywhere you go, it should go with you. Yes, I’m being serious!

If you are serious about investing in your career in PR, if you want to grow as PR pro and become one of the best there is, then you need Answers for Modern Communicators by your side.

A Guide for Business Communication

You may say, well that’s another book from thousands out there on PR and communications.

Or, when do I find the time to read yet another book?

And you may be right, it is a book on PR and communications. And yes, you already are busy as it is, without the need to add more on your “plate.”

But let me ask you this, when you look back at your career five years from now, what do you think your thoughts will be?

“I wish I were less busy” or “I wish I had the answers to the right questions to help that client, get that promotion, or land that new account?”

We are all busy, whether you work in PR or not. We live in a fast-paced world and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Wouldn’t you want to a have a solid partner by your side, a mentor to answer your most pressing questions and guide you and your career in PR?

Take a minute and stop from your busyness. Look at your career right now and think of how you see yourself in the future. Who do you want to be and become?

Is it worth your time to read this book, to find answers to your everyday questions, to stop worrying about asking silly questions or worse, to wait for someone else to ask what you really need to know?

Look at Answers for Modern Communicators as a companion in your journey in PR. It has answers for your most pressing questions, but also the wisdom and experience of the best of the best.

It’s not enough to read this book once. You have to read it over and over again. You will come back to it for each question you have and you know what, the answers will always be there, waiting for you.

Thank you Deirdre Breakenrigde for writing for all of us, for sharing your wisdom and experience, so we can become better PR professionals.