I literally don’t know where January has gone. It was like yesterday when I was writing about Mark Schaefer´s book or my thoughts on attitude and success. And it was also in January when my blog turned two and Mr. Kirk Hazlett accepted to write for NutsPR a very timely article about snow and public relation. And here we are, it´s already February and this year promises to be one full of events and accomplishments.

It’s time for this month’s book review and I chose another excellent book on social media. Apparently this is also the year of social media on NutsPR. 🙂

You’ve probably heard of it as and have a very well planned promotional campaign going on since its launch. It´s called: and has over 230 reviews on Amazon (), 187 of them are 5 star reviews. This is a book that certainly draws attention.

The Art of Social Media - book review

If you search its authors online you’ll see that Guy Kawasaki has over 6 million followers on Google+ and over 1.44M on Twitter, and Peg Fitzpatick – over 700,000 followers on Google+ and over 38K on Twitter. With the engagement they generate, they should know a thing or two about social media marketing and content strategy, don´t you think?

Let´s see what this book is all about

Have you ever looked for a guide on how and what to do on your social channels? I bet you did. Look no further. The Art of Social Media is the book you need. From the first chapter, the authors hook you. They start with the basics on how to optimize your profile for each channel, what picture should you add, how to choose your mantra, etc. It may seem that you know those things and you don’t need to read them. I know you do, but humor me and read them, you will find great tips you didn´t know about.

The whole book is very good, filled with practical advice and actionable tips. However, if I were to choose a chapter I liked above the rest, I would choose the second one: “How to Feed the Content Monster”. We all are wondering daily what should we share on our social media channels, what´s so cool and interesting to attract audiences to us. Well, in this chapter, Guy and Peg hand you on a plate the best sources to find awesome content. They not only mention places like Alltop, Buffer, LinkedIn Influencers, TED or SmarBrief, they also show you how to find the popular and trending topics on each platform, how to organize them on your own social channels, so you have easy access to them (e.g.: Twitter and Facebook lists, Google+ Circles and Communities, LinkedIn Groups or collaborative Pinterest boards).

Moving forward, the next chapters of the book are equally awesome. You will learn how to perfect your posts for each of your social media channels, how to interact with your community and how to respond to their comments (the good, the bad, the ugly). And if that´s not enough, the authors show you how to integrate social media with blogging.

I am pretty sure you will love the chapter 6: “How to Get More Followers”. 🙂  We all want that, right? Now, you have the chance to learn how the big guys do it.

Wouldn´t you want to know how to run a Google+ hangout or a Twitter chat? Yes, that too is in the book. The authors give us even a “how not to” act on social media guide or a how to optimize your channels for your personal platforms.

By now, you have a lot of information to cope and you should start put it in practice. Just in case, you feel overwhelmed, Guy and Peg show you in the last chapter “How to Put Everything Together”.


I loved this book. It is a great resource for anyone looking to launch into social media whether you are a small business or a community manager in charge with your clients social channels. I would have liked to read about reporting: how to make reports for your business´ social channels, what parameters to include and so on. But who knows, maybe this is a topic for another book. 🙂

All in all, The Art of Social Media does not disappoint, on the contrary! It is on the top of NutsPR highly recommended books!

How about you? Have you read The Art of Social Media? I´d love to hear your thoughts!