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This week’s picks are all about PR, content and social media. From why PR is not at the center stage in 2016, to how to become a trusted PR resource. From how to cut your blogging time in half to how to captivate your audience through your content. And because we are in social media most of the time, learning how to manage it without burning out is key.

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5 Articles I Loved This Week

  • PR earned its place long before now

It’s funny how some in the industry decided this is the year PR is at center stage, ignoring the last eight years. This article from puts things in their place. Have a look.

  • How to become a trusted PR resource

Becoming a trusted resource as a PR professional it not only takes time, but it’s a career long effort. has three tips to help you become a trusted resource for your audience and clients.

  • Blogging and time

Blogging takes time, it’s about commitment, it’s about creativity. What would you say if you could cut your blogging time in half? Would you write more often, be more creative? shares five ideas to cut your blogging time in half. Read on.

  • How to captivate your audience through your content

Let’s stick with blogging for a while. Have you thought of how to captivate your audience through your content? How to gain their loyalty. Is this even possible? It’s not only possible, it’s doable. Read this from Moz and learn how to manufacture serendipity through your content.

  • How to manage social media

Before you go, here is an article from PostPlanner on how to manage your social media and not burnout in the process. This is a good read if you’re managing your company’s social channels and online marketing activities.

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