Five Blogs to Stay Up to Date

There is no secret I am very fond of social media and especially social PR. I believe, as marketers, we live in the best possible times: there is challenge every day to find new ways to reach new audiences, there are new things coming up all the time. We have to adapt, learn, test, implement.

But how do you know what to read and from where? There is so much information out there.

Fear not! I am here to help you.

Last week we talked about which blogs to read to stay up to date in the PR industry. Today is social media time!

5 blogs you must-read to stay up to date in social media:

  1. Social Media Examiner – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle (yes, it’s a jungle out there)

Founded by Michael Stelzner, you will find here basically everything you need to know about social media, what’s new and hot, best practices and so much more. They have a podcast, a show, conferences online and offline. They recently launched a membership community where members receive ongoing original training. A lot of stuff for you to learn. So keep it in mind.

  1. Post Planner – Discover amazing content

If for others this might be just a tagline, for the team at Post Planner, it’s not. They really deliver on their promises.

Post Planner is not only a tool to schedule your social media updates, it’s a tool to search and find, as they say, amazing content to share. I use it for myself, but also for my clients and I can tell you the content found through Post Planner generates interaction, gets shared and people love it.

They have also a blog, where industry experts and influencers such as , or share their tips, best practices and social media news. Check them out!

  1. Peg Fitzpatrick’s blog

Author, speaker, and social media influencer, Peg not only shares the latest news and trends on social media, she uses them for her social networks and shows you how you can do it too. What else do you need?

I love how visual Peg is on her blog and social channels.

  1. Rebekah Radice

Is another influencer on digital marketing. On her blog you’ll learn from blogging to social media, you’ll learn how to create great visual content, what’s the hottest platform right now, etc.

  1. Razor Social

Founded by , this is probably the best place to look for, read and learn about new tools on social media. I mean, you’ll find here every possible social media tool, new or not. Ian makes it his mission to share best tools, their functionalities and how they can help you in your social media marketing efforts.

Just to be clear, this is a tools and technology site, not strategy. So if you want to know how a certain tool works, look for it on Ian’s blog.

These are the top 5 blogs I read on a daily basis to stay up to date with happenings on social media. Try reading one per week if it’s too much. You’ll see the difference in your everyday work.

Back to you: what are your favorite social media blogs?