Weekly Picks: 5 Articles I Loved This Week

Happy Sunday!

Every Sunday I post a highlight of the week, a roundup, if you want, of the most interesting articles on marketing and PR from the week that just ended.

This week we have marketing lessons from 2015, PR is dead, a new approach to PR, love rolls downhill and how to get in-person interaction when working from home.

Let’s roll!

5 articles I loved this week:

  • 2015 Marketing lessons

With 2015 almost at the end, what marketing lessons you take with you in 2016? has 7 fascinating marketing lessons of 2015.

  • The PR industry is Dead

What a bold, flashy statement, isn’t it? You would expect a PR expert to make the statement, but no. Here is ‘s take on this statement and I couldn’t agree more with her.

  • A new approach to PR

How people and organizations communicate and build relationships? In a quest to better define public relations, now we have the Umbrella Model of Public Relations. Read more about this model in this guest post on PR Expanded.

  • Love rolls downhill

Parenting works best when you let go” says . A beautiful story about parenting and adapting to the reality that your baby is now a grown-up.

  • In-person interaction when working from home

Working from home is great. It gives you flexibility, time for yourself, you can work from everywhere and so on. But how do you stay in touch with your colleagues and friends? How do you make new friends when there is no need for you to go out of your house? has four very useful tips. Check them out!

That´s it for today. Enjoy your Sunday and see you next week!

Image credit: Mihai Petre Photography